Upgrading is Fun

A kind soul emailed me this morning to inform me that that my project demonstrations were broken.  It appears that my upgrade to the latest version of wordpress jacked them up slightly.  I traced the problem down to the wptexturize() function.  It was making pretty quotes out of some embedded javascript in the pages that make the demos work.  I added "remove_filter('the_content', 'wptexturize');" to my theme's functions.php file and all is well. This line just removes the pretty formatting from all of my posts.  Since I post code on here from time to time, I imagine that would make things hard to copy/paste anyway. 

Freshening Up

I've made a few subtle changes to the site over the past couple of days. For starters, I finally upgraded to the latest version of wordpress. I got rid of the email subscription link and moved the search up in the header. I'm hoping to get support for gravatars into my theme shortly.

Another change I've made is getting a few ads into the layout. I'm going to make sure that the ads are done as tastefully as possible and don't interfere with the content. I'll keep the number and size of the ads down so they aren't overwhelming and obnoxious.