Always Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday.  You get together with your closest friends and family, have a big ass meal, and enjoy each other's company.  Everyone will recite that they are thankful for God, family, wife, children, dog, etc.  Those are all great things to be thankful for, and we should be thankful for them everyday.  It's important to let the people around you know how much you care about them all the time.  

For this Thanksgiving, I want to be thankful for something less cliche'.  I'm thankful for opportunity.  I've been given a lot of great opportunities in my lifetime.  I'm thankful that I've been able to acknowledge them and take advantage of what I've been given.  A lot of people squander away things in their lives because the are irresponsible and foolish.  Other people are just never given certain opportunities.  We've all got to make due with what we have and do our best to achieve more.

There are people that have less and there are people who have more.  Be thankful for what you have not just today, but every single day.  The minute you take something for granted is when you have the greatest opportunity to lose it.   

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Recap

It's always good to take some time to break your normal routine.  This holiday was no exception for me.  I had a good time being lazy for a few days. 

For Thanksgiving, the family came to our house as we've done for the past several years. We fixed way too much food and I ate way too much.  I smoked a turkey this year which was better than last year's fried turkey.  It takes about 25 minutes per pound to smoke a turkey in my smoker, but it tastes oh so good.  I injected the marinade like I did for the fried turkey and I think that dried it out a bit due to the punctures from the syringe.  I couldn't even tell any taste difference because the smoke taste is so overpowering.

Saturday, some friends came over with their Xbox and Rock Band in tow.  That game freaking rules with 4 people playing.  I think the drums are the most fun to play even though I have no rhythm.  Since the girls were being sissies, Brandon and I shared singing duties.  I have a feeling that I am tone deaf also, but that didn't stop me from belting out some tunes.  Kudos to Harmonix for making an awesome game.  I think the Thanksgiving after party was better than Thanksgiving. 

Sadly, tomorrow resumes life as usual.  I feel revived and ready to resume life as a super ninja coding monkey.