Masked Input 1.3.1

A long overdue release of my Masked Input Plugin is available. This is a bugfix release that adresses some of the bigger issues out there:

  • jQuery 1.9 compatibility.
  • Fixed browser lockup when window loses focus.
  • Android issues.
  • No longer preventing event bubbling.
  • Making sure we call completed handler when pasting a value.
  • Fixed bug trying to set caret on hidden elements.
  • Fixed cursor positioning bug related to bounds check.

You can see everything in detail over at the 1.3.1 milestone on github.

I had planned to roll in more bugfixes, but jQuery 1.9 releasing forced my hand a bit. ūüôā If you see any problems, please report them as a github issue. I also managed to get this published in the newly revamped jQuery plugins site. Thank you to everyone who reported issues and to those who submitted patches.


Masked Input Plugin 1.2.2

There is now a new version of my Masked Input Plugin for jQuery.  This is primarily a bugfix release which addresses some edge cases.  Additionaly, I made a few changes that I feel make the plugin behave more natural so that the user experience isn't affected too much by using the plugin.
A few other things worth noting:  This is my first build for this plugin that uses a build script.  No longer am I compressing the javascript by hand.  I'm hoping to extend the script further so that future releases are easier.  Also, I'm now compressing the script with YUI Compressor.
This release has been tested with jQuery 1.3.2 and 1.2.6.
  • Fixed bug which blocked apple meta key. ¬†This was keeping copy and paste via keyboard shortcut from working on Mac.
  • Fixed bug that caused mask literals to be pushed into the mask placeholder positions when verifying the data.
  • Fixed bug that prevented user input from completing when mask ended in mask literal.


  • Changed behavior on focus to select all text if focusing on a completed mask.
  • No more masking on readonly inputs.
  • Changed escape behavior to put the input back to the original value instead of just blanking the text.
  • Increased range of accepted characters for input.

Masked Input Plugin 1.2

There is now a new version of my Masked Input Plugin for jQuery. After a long absence with this project, I finally decided to tackle some of the more requested features that have been sent to me. I also did some big reorganization to make room for some future enhancements. With all the changes, it seemed appropriate to bump this version from the 1.1 series.

  • Paste support for more browsers. It should now work in IE7, Firefox 3, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.
  • Fixed backspace bug in Opera. ¬†I had originally put in special handling for Opera to get past a bug that appears to be fixed in current releases. ¬†This code is now removed.
  • Calling .mask() with no arguments will now return the value of the input without the literals.
  • Added option "allowPartial" that will allow partial input to remain when focus is lost.
  • Exposed the hash table of the mask definitions directly to replace the $.mask.addPlaceholder() method. ¬†The old method remains for now, but will be removed in a future relase. ¬†You should now add custom mask definitions by "$.mask.definitions[char]=regex;"
  • Code refactoring and ¬†house cleaning. ¬†I made things more jQuery like and removed some crufty code in the process. ¬†The end result is better organization to build on for future enhancements.

Masked Input Plugin 1.1.2

I just released version 1.1.2 of my Masked Input Plugin for jQuery. Felix Geisendörfer helped me mash out a few things with this release. He fixed the bug for Mac/Firefox with the backspace key and got me to open up the caret positioning functions. Thanks Felix!

Here are the changes for this release

  • Fixed a bug in Mac Firefox with backspacing.
  • Fixed a bug where delete at end of mask produced an extra placeholder character.
  • Exposed the caret positioning and retrieval methods as a jQuery function extension. You can now call $().caret() to get a caret position and $().caret(start [,end]) to set a caret position.

Masked Input Plugin 1.1.1

Ugh, so apparently $.each doesn't play nice with IE and strings. I accidentally introduced a bug that prevented the plugin from working in IE at all. It's now fixed and the changes are up on the site.

Please go to the Masked Input Plugin page to get the latest version.

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