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Earlier in the year, I had been toying around with the idea of starting up a separate blog just dedicated to my weight loss.  I got together with a friend of mine and we've started just that.  My goals for the new site are simple:

  • Have a better outlet to share my weight loss story.
  • Discuss online tools for tracking weight loss, nutrition, and/or exercise.
  • Share information that works and is based on facts.  No snake oil.

With that said, I present to you:

Please head on over there and check it out.  Hopefully you will find George as funny as I do.  If you are interested, please subscribe to the Geek Into Shape Feed.  The site is very much a work in progress, so please keep that in mind.  George and I are very excited about this project and we hope that it will be a useful resource.

June Weight Loss Update

My goal for June was to lose 4lbs, and that's exactly what I did.  Overall I had a good weight loss month.  I started off the month with some time off work to do chores (more work than work!) around the house.  This kept me busy and enabled me to focus in on my goals.  The following two weeks were so-so.  Then there was last week.  Oh what a week.  Last week I kicked some serious butt and made stuff happen.  I really didn't want to come on here and reveal that I had yet another sucky month.  That was my motivation last week.

imageI've also started logging my daily weigh ins on  I already weigh in daily (twice a day most of the time), so I figure I should start collecting data.  I know they say you shouldn't weigh daily, but I think that is just a bunch of crap.  It keeps me focused on what I'm trying to accomplish.  I started logging on the 22nd.  The graph on the right shows my progress.  The blue line shows my moving average at 278.1, but I'm not sure I have enough data points to have a fully accurate picture of that.  Next month I'll weigh more heavily on that moving average figure since that is going to level off my weight fluctuations.

I'm starting off the month of July at 276 lbs.  I'm happy with that and I want to continue my momentum.  This month I want to lose another 5 lbs.  That will put me at 271 lbs.  At this point I'm going to have to stay at this pace to reach my 50 lb weight loss goal.  To date I've lost 20 lbs.

May Weight Loss Update

May turned out to be an eventful month for the Bush household.  I totally fell off the wagon this month.  I only managed to lose one measly pound.  That leaves me starting June at 280 lbs.  The main culprit was my eating.  I didn't do well at all.  But, that okay because even though I had a crappy month, I didn't gain weight.

Now it's time to refocus.  This is why I do these monthly status reports.  If I manage to stray from the path, then this is my time to kick my own ass.  I'm starting June with a week of vacation which I plan to get some nice exercise in every morning.  I've managed to get out the past 2 mornings with Ashley and I feel good.  Hopefully this will set the stage for June to lose 4 pounds. 

Weight Loss: Inside My Brain

I'm 4 months into my weight loss adventure this year and I've managed to lose 15 pounds so far.  I'm past the point where I would normally fail and fall back into my old eating habits.  The other day I was reflecting over past weight loss attempts and realized why this sucks so bad.  The hard part about losing weight isn't the diet or the exercise (provided you are doing sensible things here).  The thing that is hard to overcome is me

Photo courtesy of Josh Hunter

You see, for years I've eaten whatever the heck I wanted.  Really, it has been that way since I can remember.  I was always a big guy growing up, but my activities kept my weight reasonable.  Fast forward to now and I have a job where all I do is sit all day.  My eating habits just caught up to me and now I have a problem on my hands.  When I look back at my high school pictures, I look skinny compared to what I look like now.  It's amazing really.  Back then I knew I was big.  Now I just want to get back to the weight I was at way back when.  That means that now I must be REALLY BIG.

Okay, so I am really big. There's a word for that, it's called obese.  Isn't that a nasty word?  Our stupid American politically correct culture wants us to not use offensive words.  You know, you might hurt someone's feelings.  The problem is that by not saying anything, you are just contributing to a greater problem.  ACCEPTANCE.  By accepting people's unhealthy weight, you are doing them a disservice. You are allowing them to be comfortable with a lifestyle that will ultimately lead to diabetes, coronary artery disease, or maybe cancer just to name a few.  Being overweight because you eat too much and don't exercise is just as bad as smoking.  It's just another poor life decision.

Here I am.  I weigh 281 lbs and I am 6'5" tall.  My BMI is 33.3 which places me firmly in the obese category.  In order to rid myself of that label, I must reach a weight of 252.  Last year I would have told you that BMI was a crock-of-shit.  Denial is an evil thing.  All I was doing was overlooking the facts so that I could feel okay about myself.  All of my previous attempts at losing weight failed because of this attitude: "What's the worst that could happen?  If I don't lose weight I'll just be like I am now.  I'm awesome."

I am awesome.  My health isn't.  I'm going to continue to fight to get my weight down.  I'd rather not miss out on important things in my life because I'm either sick or dead.  Food just isn't worth that.  I'm come to terms with my present condition and where I want to be.  I just need to keep my spirits up in order to get there.  These mind games we play on ourselves suck.  It's too easy to get depressed and give up.  This time I'm trying to stay positive.  If I'm making progress towards my goal, then I'm winning.  This is nothing more than a battle of will.  Suck on it emotions, I'm losing this weight and winning this battle.

April Weight Loss Update

Damn, I'm so close!  This month was a good weight loss month for me.  I just weighed in at 281 lbs which makes my weight loss from last month 4 pounds.  I was shooting for 5 lbs this month, but it didn't quite happen.  It's okay though, because I'm still losing weight.  Any month I can record a weight loss is a good one for me. 

What did I do right this month?

Photo courtesy of blumpy

My diet is spot on.  I'm very proud of how well I'm managing my food and drink intake.  I still have times when I eat too much or eat something bad, but for the most part I'm good.  I'd say my diet is about 80/20 right now.  80% of the time I'm eating very healthy and the other 20%, not so much.  The good news is that I don't have to feel guilty about the 20% because of my progress.  It keeps me from getting frustrated and that lack of frustration is enabling me to move forward. 

Where did I fall short this month?

Well, yesterday I ate a big ol' mess of fried food for lunch and that most likely didn't help my weigh in today.  Also, I still feel like I could be exercising more.  I feel a little weak at times, so that tells me I need more.  Fortunately it's warmer outside, and that means I have to mow the lawn and tend to the garden. 

What's in store for this month?

May is my birthday, so I'll be doing nothing spectacular for that.  I might enjoy a slice of cake and chill with some friends.  I'm still in the 280's and that sucks.  I'll be out to remedy that problem this month and make a dive for the 270's in a major way.  276 lbs is my target weight for the end of May.  So far this year I've lost 15 pounds.

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