About Me
MeThis is the obligatory about page for a guy named Josh Bush. It's on every website both corporate and personal. What are you really trying to find out about me? Even if I were to spill my guts about who I am and what I stand for, you still won't know me any better.

I would prefer that you use your imagination. Please use that lump you call a brain to conjure up some image of me based off of what I put up on this blog. It would be my preference that you picture me as this totally awesome guy. If you have self-esteem issues, go ahead and make me out to be something less. It won't bother me one bit, I promise.

This site, but much smaller
About this Site
This site exists solely to inflate my personal sense of self worth. There's no theme, no schedules, and no guarantees. You just get to listen to me gripe and moan about being a software developer. It is powered by wordpress using my adaptation of the fUnique theme by Fredrik Fahlstad. The icons are from the silk collection by Mark James.