Masked Input 1.4.0

This release of my masked input plugin has been a long time coming. I managed to neglect the project for a while with the birth of my daughter and let the issues and pull requests pile up. I still have over 30 issues out there. It's still not great, but considering there was 90 issues at one point, I'm feeling pretty okay with things. Several of the issues remaining are ones I created for cleaning things up , so that's a good sign. There are a lot of features that people want and I need to consider what I'm capable of maintaining going forward. More on that in a coming post.

Huge thanks to Jared Barboza (@codeimpossible) for helping me work through the massive amount of issues. It's a lot of work to manage an OSS project that people use. It's even worse when you neglect it for a while. 🙁

This release covers about 40 issues. Most of the issues were bug fixes with a couple of features added. The highlights in no particular order are:

  • Better placeholders - You can now define a placeholder 'mm/dd/yyyy' for a date input and that will be used instead of the default underscore placeholder.
  • Better management of readonly inputs
  • AMD/CommonJS Support
  • Bower support
  • More bug fixes than I want to admit. 😉


There are still an issue outstanding with android and certain keyboards, hopefully that will be resolved soonish in newer versions of chromium. I'm still trying to come up with a workaround for current versions. Regardless, the plugin was broken in a few other ways and I didn't want to hold up a release for this android issue.