Sunday Savings: Lose Some Weight

According to this USA Today article from 2005,31% of the US is obese (30+ lbs above a healthy weight).  In 2002, employers and privately insured families spent $36.5 billion on obesity linked illness.

All of that money is going to treat illness that is largely avoidable.  Seriously, we are doing this to ourselves.  If you want to know why healthcare costs so much, look in the mirror.  Are you obese?  If so, you are placing yourself at a higher risk for all sorts of nasty diseases and adding to the problem that is rising healthcare costs.

I'm sad to say that I'm in that obese category.  It sucks, but it's just the facts.  I've already expressed my feelings about obesity and how I see it.  The good news is that I'm young and that I was able to see where my lifestyle was taking me.  I have time.  We all have time.  We all just need to realize that we can do something about it and move in that direction.

I'm making an effort to improve my health.  Not only will I have a longer life for it, I'll have more money in my pockets.  Please join me, the world will be a better place for it.

If you want to follow my weight loss journey, please have a look at my other blog, geek into shape.