2008 Resolution

Happy new year everyone!  It's once again time to do the yearly song and dance of reflection and goal setting.  I've decided that it's better if I make these types of things public.  It's good to have support and accountability.  So, here's what I plan to do in 2008:

  1. Finish up my 2007 Resolution of losing 50 pounds.  It did a really crappy job, and I intend to remedy that.  I've managed to mostly heal my injuries and I'm ready to go again.  I'll be trying to produce a 500 calorie/day deficit so that I can slowly lose weight.  I'm also wanting to buy a treadmill so that I don't have to run in the dark when it's cold.
  2. Read more.  Ashley got me 4 books for Christmas that I had been wanting.  I know "more" isn't a definitive goal, but since I don't read books, anything is an improvement.  If I read all 4 of those books, then I will consider this one accomplished.
  3. Create another open source project.  I have a few things in the back of my head, so I'll try to get at least one out and in the public eye.
  4. Get my existing jQuery plugins into better shape.  This includes getting them all into source control with build scripts for packing as well as making some changes that people have suggested thus far.
  5. Grow this blog more.  2007 was really a building year for me with this site.  I'm learning how to express myself publicly and really trying to find a voice.  In 2007 I posted 69 blog posts and had about 35,000 visits.  I currently have about 38 feed subscribers. So, to create totally random goals, I'd like to post at least 100 blog entries and I would like to see 100,000+ visits with 100+ feed subscribers.

That should do it.  I want to make 2008 a year for me.  I want to improve my quality of life and establish myself more in the development e-community.  Here's to 2008!