Left Lane Book Club

I've been wanting to expand my Commuting Sucks post with a series covering the various types of drivers I encounter day in and day out.  I've been stuck because I really didn't know where to start.  Further more, there wasn't really any inspiration, that is until today. 

Today I encountered a slow driver in the left hand lanes.  These lanes are typically for the faster drivers.  You know, those who are actually doing the speed limit or slightly over.  It's better that the fast drivers stay left because the exits are on the right.  People in the fast lane need not worry about people slowing for an exit ramp or people coming to speed from an on ramp.  No, they need to be worried about the guy I saw today, we'll call him Jim.

The stretch of I40 I was traveling has a 70mph speed limit.  Jim was doing a pokey 55mph in the 3rd lane of 4.  The far left lane is a commuter lane, and being I was by myself, it's legally off-limits during rush hour.  So here I am traveling 55mph behind this dope with cars whizzing by me on the left and semi trucks whizzing by me on the right.  It's an unsafe situation made even more unsafe by my next discovery.  I manage to get a break in the flow of traffic whizzing by me so that I can pull around Jim.  I pull beside him so that I can make eye contact and make a disgusted face when I see that he is reading a book! 

Let me say that again for the sake of clarity.  This guy was reading a freaking book.  I'd really like to know what was so important in that book that he had to be reading it in rush hour in the fast lane doing 55mph.  I can only hope it was the Bible because he was well on his way to the afterlife with moves like that.