Masked Input Plugin 1.1

I just released version 1.1 of my Masked Input Plugin for jQuery. I have more features in the pipeline to add to 1.2, but I wanted to get a few fixes out the door before doing so. The only thing new this time is an unmask method.

In addition to code changes, I've made a few more enhancements. I've added a packed version for those who want the smallest possible footprint. I've also given the project page a face lift to make things easier to find.

Below is a list of changes this time:

  • NEW FEATURE: unmask() method to remove masking for a previously masked input.
  • Safari cursor position fix.
  • Cursor position behavior change: Cursor goes to the end of the input on a completed input. Cursor goes to the first placeholder position on a blank input.
  • Fixed improper escaping of certain mask characters.
  • Code refactoring to reduce size and complexity.

jQuery Grid Plugin

I've released a very basic grid plugin for the jQuery library. I'd like to see a unified effort to create a grid widget, so I'm throwing this out there as a starting point. I'd love to hear your feedback on this. So, please go to the page I've set up on this site here and see the demo and look at the code. Once you've done all of that, please comment this blog post or just shoot me an email via the Contact page.

Masked Input Plugin 1.0

I finally made it to 1.0! This release doesn't add anything new other than a few minor cosmetic code changes.
So, without further adieu, I present my Masked Input Plugin.

Masked Input Plugin RC3

I found a few more issues that needed hashing out for the Masked Input Plugin for jQuery. This release also changes the api per the recommendations of the jQuery community. The reason for the change is to blend with the jQuery library. The main function was changed to a verb since it is an action and the other public method was moved into a namespace.

Here are the changes for this release:

  • BREAKING CHANGE: The mask function has been changed to more closely match the style of the jQuery library. Instead of calling .maskedinput(), you will need to call .mask(). Additionally the .AddMaskDefinition() has been moved to a namespace and renamed. Instead, you should make a call to .mask.addPlaceholder().
  • Fixed a bug where the buffer was wiped when text was selected and a non-typeable character was pressed.
  • Fixed a bug where the buffer was not cleared, but the text was when pressing the escape key.
  • More code cleanup.

Masked Input Plugin RC2

I've released another revision to my Masked Input Plugin for jQuery. This is the 2nd release candidate, and it should be pretty stable. I made a few code changes, so I would like to verify that all is well with the plugin before it goes 1.0

The following is a list of changes for this release.

  • Now supports user defined placeholder characters by calling "$.AddMaskDefinition(char,regex)" Please see the Eye Prescription example above.
  • Fixed a bug where backspace from the first character position deleted the mask.
  • General code cleanup.

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