March Weight Loss Update

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In case you haven't been following along, I've decided to lose 50 lbs this year.  I've already made a little bit of progress in January and February, but this month I hit a snag.  What happened you say?  Life.  The first week and a half I had a deadline I was trying to meet for work.  I ended up scrapping my workouts in favor of writing code into the wee hours of the morning.  Once I got that out of the way I took a half week off because I was exhausted.  Then I got sick, and I've been fighting off a nasty sinus infection that I'm finally almost over. 

"Boo Josh! You're a failure." That's about how I feel, but there is one good thing.  I managed to lose a pound on diet alone.  I might have managed to get out walking with Ashley once a week, so what I managed to do was all diet.  Now, I'm starting off April at 285 lbs.

Now that we established that I effectively did nothing in March, I'm starting April off with renewed vigor.  I'm extremely anxious to get out of the 280's and into the 270's.  I normally stall out with my efforts at about this point, so my morale really needs me to push past this point.  This month I would like to finish at 280 lbs by losing 5 more.  To date, I've lost 11 lbs.

February Weight Loss Update

My weight loss battle is still very much alive.  I decided that this was the year to reclaim my health and fitness.  Every day I keep pressing towards my goal of 250 lbs by the end of 2008.  So, how am I doing?  In February, I lost 4 pounds which is one freaking pound shy of the goal I set for myself.  I'm not exactly sure why I wasn't able to get that extra pound since at one point in the month I was 2 lbs lighter.  Anyway, it is what it is, so I'm starting March at 286 lbs

I can't get too down about that extra pound because this past month I've experienced some changes that I like.  I'm down a notch on my belt!  Also, my knee and foot haven't given me nearly as much trouble.  I'm starting to think that pain was due to some worn out shoes I was wearing to work, but losing the weight can't hurt.

For March, I'm going to try to lose 5 lbs again.  February was tough, but I think my increase in activity will help me along to meet my goal.  I feel like my diet is mostly good, but I'll be working to improve a few things this month.  For those of you not keeping score, I've lost 10 lbs so far this year.

January Weight Loss Update

January has come and gone, so it's time to update the world on the status of my weight loss.  If you'll recall, my main 2008 resolution is to finish off the weight loss resolution of 2007.  Up to this point, I've never posted weights, just the weight loss.  Somehow, that feels like I'm not holding myself accountable, so here are the stats:

  • Beginning of 2007: 306 lbs
  • Beginning of 2008: 296 lbs
  • February 1, 2008: 290 lbs

I've managed to shed 6 pounds this month which is slow enough that I feel like I'm doing this in a healthy manner.  I know that the rate of weight loss is going to go down as I get into this.  So far, my lifestyle changes have minimal to achieve this. 

  • I'm eating smaller portions of the same stuff I ate before.  I never really ate bad foods, I just ate way too much of it.
  • I'm jumping rope(120-160 revs/min) for exercise while it's cold. I've been doing 10 minutes 3 nights a week.  I'd like to be able to do the 10 minutes straight, but man does it burn.  I end up having to do it in 1-2 minute intervals, but anything is better than nothing.  I just couldn't commit to the high cost of a treadmill just for cold weather. 
  • I've managed to cut out all carbonated beverages.  I've been drinking a ton of water.  I've had a cup of juice, but everything else has been water.

So, that January in a nutshell.  I'm shooting to lose 5 pounds in February.  I'll post my results in a month.

2007 in Review

This year has been up and down for me. If you'll recall, I made a 2007 resolution to lose 50 pounds. So, the big question is, did I do it? Nope, I didn't do it. The good news is that I have made quite a few changes in my lifestyle and I did manage to lose 10 pounds. It's not a lot and it's not my goal, but it's something and that is better than nothing at all. In a normal year i would've gained about 5 pounds.

What did I do wrong?

  • I started the year with a very high calorie reduction diet. It was too ambitious and was very hard to do. I managed to shed weight quickly, but I couldn't sustain the diet.
  • I injured myself. Once I had enough of the low calories, I decided to up my intake a bit and start a running program. I injured my foot by running on worn out shoes.
  • I stopped trying at times. Once I jacked my foot, I got really bummed out and stopped even trying.
  • When I exercise I'm not watching my diet and when I'm watching my diet I'm not exercising.
  • The holidays kicked my ass. Ashley made candy to give out as gifts. I helped eat the candy that was remaining.

What did I do right?

  • I keep trying. There is something to be said for will and determination. I've managed to make this a focal point in my life despite some temporary lapses in judgment.
  • I've made lifestyle changes to my diet. It's now where it should be yet, but I've managed to virtually eliminate certain things from my diet. I no longer drink sugared drinks. I rarely eat deep fried foods. I'm eating smaller portions.

I'm making progress, just not at the rates I wanted to. At this point I understand what I need to do and what it's going to take. I'm going to make this a priority again in the coming year because this is such a problem for me. See you in 2008!

Weight Loss Update

I've been weighing in weekly for 6 weeks now, and I just wanted to post my results.  Last week I lost another 2 pounds making for a total of 10 pounds I've lost in that 6 weeks.

What have I been doing?

  • I've been drinking a slim fast for breakfast.  This is something I started doing quite some time ago.  I found a flavor I like in a generic brand.  It's 170 calories, inexpensive, and is on the go.
  • I've been scaling back what I eat for lunch.  I'm still going out a lot, but I'm making better decisions.
  • Ashley and I have been doing e-mealz for dinner.  The menu we are following is for weight watchers, but that's not what necessarily matters.  It's just smaller portions with a good balance of protein, carbs, and fat.
  • Very few sodas.  I've taken a liking the the Lipton Diet Green Tea, so I've been drinking those where I would have been drinking something else.  I've also upped my water intake to take the place of snacking.  A lot of times I think I'm hungry when I'm really just having a craving.
  • Exercise.  I started walking and working out on my workout-to-the-max-machine.  Nothing too involved here yet; just trying to establish a routine.

What Sucks?

  • Cravings.  I used to just eat a lot.  You can't just flip a switch and not want to eat anymore.  So, instead of just being miserable, I've found that water somehow satisfies my mental need to put something in my belly.
  • I miss my comfort foods.  There are just some things that I enjoy eating.  Let me name a few of the things in no particular order: Pizza, Buffalo Wings, Macaroni and Cheese, and Cheeseburgers.
  • Soreness and Fatigue.  I guess my body has just been accustomed to having all of this energy on demand.  Couple that with my exercise and it leads to some aches and pains.  I know these will go away, but it still sucks. At the moment I'm dealing with a recurring back problem which has me all jacked up.

I cheated yesterday and today, but I think you need those every once in a while.  I'll be back on it as quick as I got off.  I have a goal and I'm making my way towards it.

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