This is Happening Again

Less than 48 hours until my daughter is to be born, it just hit me. We're having another baby. I mean, I've known this has been coming. For some reason though, it just became real.

I've been covered up with projects at work. I've fixed up 3 rooms here at the house. I've been consumed with a construction project here too. Now it's all done and I'm here with nothing else to distract me. 9 months has withered away and we're about to have another human to keep alive.

I'm excited to meet my daughter. I'm relieved to see my wife not have to suffer through gestational diabetes. I'm nervous to see what adding another child to our family will be like. I'm scared.

Life is scary and awesome. I'm ready to stop being distracted and start focusing on the things that are important again. I have a feeling that baby Hannah will force me to slow down a bit. :)

  • Eric Williams

    As I said today – good luck with the new addition!

  • Jesse

    Thanks for your honesty, for putting it out there for others of us to read who are going through similar states of mixed emotions. :)

    I have all the faith in the world that you 4 will be good. Better than ever. Just give each other time to adjust and some slack.

    We’re 9 weeks behind you. Well 9 weeks, and 1 other kid behind. 😉

  • James

    Congrats! Put it all into perspective. Sacrifice time for them until they are in kindergarten. It eases up and gets much easier at that point.

  • Brad Landreth

    Sweet. Congratulations on the daughter. Three teenage boys here. Always thought I wanted a daughter for obvious reasons. I have new neighbors for about 6 months now who have a 2 year old that spends a lot of time at my house since her mom and my wife have become friends. I have reconsidered my position on having a girl.

    Again, congrats and hopefully she will bring you a lifetime of happiness.