State of the Masked Input Plugin

This post should be titled, "Dude, Where the Hell have You Been?" I'm sorry I have ignored this project for so long.

New Home
First, let me get started by saying that I moved the source to github a while back.  It now lives here. If you look at the commit history, I moved it there months ago, fixed a few outstanding bugs, added a feature that someone needed for a specific project and then just left it. I'm picking it back up somewhat, but we'll talk about that in a minute.

Email Bankruptcy
There have been a TON of emails from you guys; so many that I haven't been able to keep up.  Most of the emails have been about two bugs: an off by one goof I made for the completed function and forgetting to use charAt() to access a char in a string. These bugs are fixed in the github repo right now (I think). I'm calling my email situation a total loss.  Sorry to those that have emailed me and not gotten a response.

Birth of a New Project
Part of the reason I stalled on this project was a lack of tests.  For a while I wasn't sure how to even test this thing given that it is purely driven from user input.  Up to this point I had just been opening up a test page in every browser I could think of and running through a few things manually.  A couple of weeks ago I sat down one night and spiked out a rough version of a keystroke simulator which I'm now calling KeyMasher. Please be kind, it's still very rough. Once I get it more polished, I'll put up an official project page on my blog here.  I had found a few other projects which do this and jquery.autotype seemed to be the closest fit. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work with my specific needs, so I've now written my own with a syntax I feel more comfortable with.  I've already worked out a few tests using this against my masked input plugin.

I'm Just One Guy
After I get a half way acceptable set of tests around it, then I can feel a bit more confident about what I change.  I would like to be able to implement some of the features I've seen come across my email. It will take some time to get everything to a place where it should have already been.  Please be patient, I'll get there. 🙂

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  1. Jake @ March 20th, 2013

    This plugin is fantastic… except it will not work on chrome mobile browser. Anybody have a work-around?

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