Does the Language Matter?

For the past 5 years I've been head down in C# and I really enjoy the language.  While I consider myself a C# developer primarily, there are plenty of other languages I use on a day to day basis.

  • C# - Server side code for ASP.NET websites, internal windows forms applications, and utility applications which load and export data.
  • SQL - Database querying for CRUD operations (not so much anymore, NHibernate rocks my world) and for ad-hoc reporting.
  • PL/SQL - Triggers and a few user defined functions in the database.
  • Javascript - Client side code to make things move and to retrieve data asynchronously.
  • HTML - Web page markup.
  • CSS - Web page styling and positioning.
  • Regular Expressions - Pattern matching in strings.
  • XSLT - Transforming XML documents into other outputs.
  • XPath - Querying XML documents.
  • Batch Files/Scripts - Command line programming to automate tasks, move around the file system, and do stuff to files.

There may be a few more that I'm not thinking about.  The point is that I'm not really "just a C# developer." I'm sure if you sit down and think about it, you use quite a few languages yourself. So, while I'm most comfortable in C#, I feel confident that I could bang out code in just about any language.  I'm only more comfortable with C# because it's what I've been using the most frequently as of late.

This is a personal challenge to myself.  I want to explore a few languages and see what I can learn.  The .NET (C#, VB.NET, F#) languages should be easy just because they all share the same base libraries.  Beyond that, who knows what I'll discover.

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  1. gnutel0 @ February 26th, 2010

    Flex/AS3, C++ (winapi) >_>

  2. Pedro Martins @ February 26th, 2010

    Hi Josh

    One question:
    I’m also a c# developer primarily and I also use CSS, HTML, SQL, Javascript, and so on…

    My question is:
    Do you use HTML markup on ASP.Net websites instead of ASP.NET Controls (like textbox, dropdownlist, checkbox)?

    I’m trying a new approach in a recent ASP.NET web site, where I’m replacing ASP.NET controls to HTML, when it’s possible, and the results are very good.

    It looks to me the webpage runs faster.

    Do you use this method? What’s your opinion?

    Best Regards,
    Pedro Martins,

  3. Derek @ November 22nd, 2010

    Hi Josh, I’m trying to track down any/all documentation as far as the extent to which your .definitions declarations support regex? whenever I attempt to use a charset (square brackets) with a repeat modifier (* . ? {,}) it gives me an out of range JS error. Is this a limitation of jquery or of .mask?

    What I’m attempting to do, in its simplest form, is this:

    $.mask.definitions[“~”] = “\w+”;

    in order to allow for any number of alphanums in the mask. Is there an alternate way to do this in your plugin?

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