New Project: hotlinkr

(Queue cheesy TV announcer voice)

Are you a javascript developer?

Do you graciously host demos of your stuff on your own website?

Have you been wondering where your bandwidth has gone?

Do your web logs show people hotlinking to your scripts?

If you answered yes to these questions, then boy do I have a product for you. It's hotlinkr; the revolutionary javascript hotlink countermeasure that's sure to make the web a better place!

hotlinkr is targeted towards hard working open source javascript developers who provide demos of their work only to have them hotlinked from people on other sites.  You could just pull the script and have the offending site lose the functionality your script was providing. What's the fun in that? Teach them a lesson about executing code which you don't have control over.  Replace the script with hotlinkr!

hotlinkr will deface the website in one of many ways.  What you choose to do to the offending site is entirely up to you  You could be polite and just pop up a tiny alert.  You can be sneaky and overlay a div which makes nothing on the website clickable.  You could be funny and rick roll the site. Or just let the script choose at random!  The possibilities are endless! (That is, if you consider 18 possibilities endless.)

Special thanks to:

  • Jared Barboza for contributing the fail, move, spaz and vroomvroom functions as well as several IE fixes.
  • Mike Alsup for contributing the rickroll function as well as being the first to try this out on a large scale.
  • Cornify for supplying us with an unlimited number of unicorns and rainbows to distribute to the offending hotlinkers.

What are you waiting for?  Go check your logs and see who is hotlinking your javascript files right now!  Download now so you can take advantage of the special introductory price of free! That's right FREE! But wait there's more. If you download now within the next 5 minutes, we'll double the offer. That's right ladies and gentlemen, download within the next 5 minutes for free and you'll be able to download a 2nd copy for the same price as the first, FREE!

(Some restriction apply, see site for details.  Offer may apply to certain areas.  Authors are not responsible for the rage from website owners that you will inevitably piss off.  No animals were harmed in the making of this script.)

  • Jon Raasch

    Ha that is some great stuff!

  • BandonRandon

    This looks like a fun little project. Now if we could only make it work with images…

  • RussianMafioso

    Hey, WTF ?

    Delete this bullshit.

  • malsup

    @RussianMafioso, you’re missing the point.

  • ape

    Because you know, learning how to write a single line in your httpd config would be a lot harder than writing a revolutionary hotlink countermeasure.

    And with the revolutionary hotlink countermeasure you get the satisfaction of rickrolling the people viewing sites that use your plugins – because obviously they’re to blame here. Assholes and their unknowing use of your bandwidth.

    With a stupid one liner in your httpd config you don’t get any of that action. All you get are web developers wondering why when they link directly all they see is a comment saying not to link directly, or slightly better, a totally blank file.

    That wouldn’t fun. As developers of plugins we should do everything we can, like build revolutionary hotlink countermeasures, to alienate the community of other developers who we’re building plugins for. I mean, if we help these guys, that’s less possible chance of fame and glory for us right? Why take that risk? No one has ever succeeded from building stuff and sharing it generously. Every single attempt has ended in utter failure.

    So rock on with your revolutionary hotlink countermeasures!