Silly User Script

I just wrote the most stupid user script ever. I noticed yesterday that my Masked Input Plugin for jQuery has over a quarter million downloads. I've never stumbled on a site and noticed my plugin being used, so I decided to write this user script to let me know. Maybe one day it will alert me and I'll get a nice surprise.

// ==UserScript==
// @name	My jQuery Plugin Detection
// ==/UserScript==

window.addEventListener("load", function(e) { 	
	if(location.hostname != 'localhost' && this.jQuery){
			alert("masked input!");			
}, false);

Also, if you are using any of my plugins on a public site, I'd love to know what some of them are!

  • josh

    I’ll be damned. It looks like twitter is using the watermark plugin somewhere. I can’t see where it’s being used, but the script is definitely included. Neat!

  • NickV

    I use masked input on an internal trouble ticket project with plans to use on an unfinished public CMS project. No link or name yet. Both are ASP.NET.

  • Harro

    I downloaded it, but haven’t used it in production yet.

    If we use it for something that does go live I’ll let you know.

  • Mihai

    I’m using the watermark plugin in a crazy issue tracker I’m developing for school.

  • Philip

    I was using masked input on a project. Unfortunately the time I had available to work on the project was not enough to keep up with the clients demands.

    Definitely very cool. Great work.

  • Jeff

    I’m using it on our site when collecting user contact details. Thousands of users have used it and not even known.

  • Carlos Mora

    over a quarter million downloads! Something to be proud! Congrats!

    I’m learning jquery and web devel stuff, coming from desktop dev, and your plugin is absolutly essential. Thanks.

  • Jedidja

    I just came across it today – awesome stuff!

  • Dave

    we’re using the masked input plugin in the administrative sections of certain websites.

    For a dutch address you could only use the plugin for the zipcode field as it’s the only field that has a fixed layout (9999 AA). We have both 3 and 4 digit area codes for phonenumbers.

    But I assume that we’re not the only ones using the plugin in places were you can enforce a writing style..

  • Axel Grazx

    Hey, I use MaskedInput in a social project for my college… It avoid me the use of form validations in phone and ID inputs.

    Is Great! It saves me a lot of time and is Super+++easy to use.