Vado HD

The birth of my son Hudson has forced me to start taking more pictures and even get into video a bit.  I don't want to look back several years later and realize that I wished I had more media of my son.  After careful consideration, and a big thumbs up from Scott Hanselman, I decided on the Vado HD.  I've been very satisfied with this little device so far, so I thought I would share.

I knew the device was small, but I wasn't really prepared for how small it really is.  It's about the size of my iPhone but a little thicker.  It fits in my pocket quite nicely and takes video in 720p.  It has a built in usb connector and produces standard avi files that Windows 7 can view with the stock codecs.  It seems to perform well in low light.  Really, it's everything I wanted.

Here is a video I shot last night of Hudson at dusk in the kitchen with only overhead lights on. (via Facebook)

Here is a video I shot while rubbernecking a car fire after I had sat on the interstate for 30 minutes. (via YouTube)

(Apologies for the not-so-great cameraman skills.  I'm trying to get better.)

There is a newer model coming out which is about $75 more than the older model.  My link above is to the older model which is a steal at about $125 while it lasts.

  • Kristen

    Love your videos! Your son, Hudson, is so adorable. That fire on the interstate must have been scary!