The World is Going to Hell

So, I was playing around with some of Google Labs offerings, and I stumbled upon Google Trends.  A quick search for "Christmas" revealed the sad truth.  People just don't seem to care as much about Christmas as they used to.  Last year I was in a funk around Christmas time and was so disappointed because it felt like everyone else was too.  Now I have evidence to back up my feelings.

I am not going to stand idle and let this happen.  This has renewed my interest in celebreating Christmas.  My lights are going up and my friends are going to know that we should all be celebrating.  I'm tired of the focus being on how much crap can be sold to the masses.  I just want a good old fashioned Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

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  1. George Titsworth @ October 20th, 2008

    You know what will help? Kids! (Just don’t beat them… I read your blog 🙂

  2. Elizabeth @ November 19th, 2008

    RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bryce @ March 5th, 2013

    Hi Josh,

    You can’t serve up all the opinions you put forth and expect everone to agree right? Though I agree with you plenty of the time, I have to object to your missive “I just want a good old fashioned Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

    If you really sought to to the “good old fashioned” thing, you’d thow a fat yule log on the fire with a happy grin on your mug as you contemplated the REAL, that is, the ORIGINAL “reason for the season” … the soltice.

    Yup, it’s the return of the Sun, NOT Son that was noted as being worth celebrating. Christians made it their thing only thousands of years later.

    Point is, be happy to celebrate the season as you see fit, and let me be happy and celebrate it as I see fit.

    Fair enough?

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