Google Chrome

I'm typing this blog post from Google's new Chrome browser.  The interface is aesthetically pleasing, but there's more under the hood that will get us where we're going.  

Google's latest development looks to enhance the overall browsing experience by sand-boxing the sites that you visit.  This is important because no longer will a poorly coded site take down the entire browser no more than a poorly coded program will crash the OS.  In my eyes that comparison is ultimately where this browser is heading.  I foresee Google turning Chrome into a bootable browser making low powered machines a thin-client to their web offerings.  

Everyone has been gawking at the built-in task manager, but it's important to notice some of the subtle things this browser is doing.  Right clicking on the url bar gives an option for paste and go.  Doing a find in the document gives indicators in the scroll bar to help you find your way to what you want.  Tabs are draggable and can even be detached from the current window.  There's quite a few goodies here for a beta product.

I'm glad to see so much competition in the browser market.  This encourages innovation and emphasizes the importance of standards compliance.  Right now Google Chrome is just beta, but it shows some promise.  I'm looking forward to watching it's progress.


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