Sunday Savings: Eat at Home

Ashley and I used to eat out way too much.  It was more of a time thing to us.  By the time we worked 8 hours and did our hour commute home, neither of us wanted to cook a meal.  There was a point where I sat down and realized that we were spending at least $25 per meal for dinner at least 4 times a week!  For those of you counting at home, we were spending $100 or more per week eating out.  Somehow we were doing that and still spending $100/week at the grocery store.

Now we're down to spending $100 per week for groceries and eating out only once a week.  We're easily saving $75/week just by eating at home.  Over the span of a year, that's $3,900 saved!  So, eat at home and save some dough.  You'll have a fatter wallet and eat healthier, more reasonable portions.

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    Признателен за помощь в этом вопросе, как я могу Вас отблагодарить?

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