Sunday Savings: Drink Water

Photo courtesy of bfurnace

Health reasons made me remove beverages other than water from my diet.  The financials of that decision have solidified it's place in my lifestyle.  Water is basically free and yet most people are content paying money to replace it.  We used to drink a couple of twelve packs of coke (you northerners may call it "soda",  "pop" or something similar). I'd also order sweet tea or coke with my lunches and dinners when we went out.

Right now I eat lunch out of the office 3 times a week and we eat dinner out 2 nights a week.  I'd say on average that restaurant drinks cost $1.50 a whack.  By drinking water, I'm saving $7.50 per week on my own.  That's $390 per year!  I'd say a 12-pack of drinks runs about $3.50 each, so there is another $364 eliminated from our expenses this year.  All together, I'm saving $754 each year just by drinking water.  Think about that next time your server asks you what you'd like to drink with your meal.

  • George

    Agreed. I started doing water because I have this whole idea that lunch shouldn’t be more than $10.00. With a soda and tip, It is hard to meet that at the average sit-down lunch place. And since I don’t want spit in my food, I decided to cut out the soda. Switching from a normal meal to a side salad and/or bowl of soup is also healthy and lowers the price.