The 4-Hour Workweek

image I just finished reading this book, and I just wanted to share a few thoughts.  Lately I've been on a mission to define myself.  I think a lot of people just go through life doing what they think they are supposed to do while never stopping to think about what it is they are doing.  I refuse to be a lemming. 

For a software developer, The 4-Hour Workweek is impossible.  It is impossible because software development takes a lot of time.  If you really like coding, then you are going to spend your time doing that.  That's not a bad thing, and that fact certainly shouldn't stop someone from reading this book.  There are a lot of things to take from the book about minimalist living, organization, and time management.

What I took from this book is an awareness of what I'm doing with my time.  Life is too short to go through the motions doing things you don't enjoy doing.  A lot of unpleasant things are unnecessary or can be delegated to others.   By doing some self-evaluation, I realize that there are things I do just for the sake of taking up time.  There is a lot of noise that can be avoided in life.  For example: I know that there is no point in checking my email so frequently, yet I do it anyway.  I think I can better focus the use of my time just from taking an information detox. 

So, software developer or not, I recommend that you read this book.  Maybe it will motivate you to pursue the things that make you happy.   Life is too short to waste on trivial and unimportant things.