Sunday Savings: Do it Yourself

I feel bad for this being my only post of this week, but I've been busy.  I've been busy putting up a chain link fence so that my dog can roam free in the back yard without me taking him out on a leash.  So, the fact that I've been busy doing this little project is fitting for this week's tip. 

I originally had a family friend in the fence business quote me to do the job.  The quote would up to be $900.  For no more fence than I was putting up, I just felt like it was too much.  After all, he had put up nearly triple that amount for us for less money only 5 years ago.  The cost of materials have just gone up that much. 

I went down the the local home improvement store and priced the materials and it turned out to be quite a bit less than his quote.  For $500, I could get everything I would need to complete the project.  Not too shabby.  I decided to take the plunge and do the fence myself.  Armed with some general direction from the Internet, I was able to complete the fence in a couple of weekends.  Not only do I get that warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment, but I managed to save $400!  To top it all off, I also got a good workout these past two weekends.

So, in summary:

  1. Saved $400 in labor.
  2. Built a quality fence. (no half-assing)
  3. Feel good about what I did.
  4. Got a good workout.
  5. Dog can now roam free in the back yard.