June Weight Loss Update

My goal for June was to lose 4lbs, and that's exactly what I did.  Overall I had a good weight loss month.  I started off the month with some time off work to do chores (more work than work!) around the house.  This kept me busy and enabled me to focus in on my goals.  The following two weeks were so-so.  Then there was last week.  Oh what a week.  Last week I kicked some serious butt and made stuff happen.  I really didn't want to come on here and reveal that I had yet another sucky month.  That was my motivation last week.

imageI've also started logging my daily weigh ins on physicsdiet.com.  I already weigh in daily (twice a day most of the time), so I figure I should start collecting data.  I know they say you shouldn't weigh daily, but I think that is just a bunch of crap.  It keeps me focused on what I'm trying to accomplish.  I started logging on the 22nd.  The graph on the right shows my progress.  The blue line shows my moving average at 278.1, but I'm not sure I have enough data points to have a fully accurate picture of that.  Next month I'll weigh more heavily on that moving average figure since that is going to level off my weight fluctuations.

I'm starting off the month of July at 276 lbs.  I'm happy with that and I want to continue my momentum.  This month I want to lose another 5 lbs.  That will put me at 271 lbs.  At this point I'm going to have to stay at this pace to reach my 50 lb weight loss goal.  To date I've lost 20 lbs.

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