Move Over!

I've posted in the past about my distaste for the slow drivers in the left lane.  I understand that gas is expensive and you are driving slower to increase mileage.  I get it because I'm doing it too.  Here's the thing though, I'm doing it without being a nuisance. I would love to just give these fools a piece of my mind.  If you are one of these idiots, then please take notice.

Photo courtesy of Burning Image

Apparently my tolerance for how slow I should be driving and your tolerance are different.  Other people have places to be and might want to drive faster than 10 under the speed limit.  When you drive slower, you belong in the right hand lanes.  Period.  The left hand lanes are meant for passing. It's more efficient that way, otherwise you are impeding traffic and keeping people behind you on the interstate longer.  This results in a larger traffic problem and is undoubtedly worse for the environment all because you were too inconsiderate to get out of the damn way.

That makes me feel better to be able to say this.  Since I spend about 2 hours of my day commuting, these types of issues have become a sore spot for me.  I loathe selfish people, and the road is full of them.  We're all just trying to get to where we need to be and do it safely.

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