XSL Noob

Photo courtesy of Will Pate

Yesterday I had my first crack at XSL.  In about 30 minutes I was able to transform an XML document full of medical bills into a summary report worthy of showing other people.  Not too bad for a quick little adventure into a new language.

Everything I did revolved around 2 tags and a handful of embedded functions.  I used "<xsl:for-each />" to loop over a collection. I used "<xsl:value-of />" to pick up individual values from elements.  All of the selectors use XPath to navigate to where you need to be.  XPath itself is kind of odd, but I had already been using it in the past, so this was not an issue.

If you are using XML and you haven't looked at XSL, I encourage you to take a peek.  There are a lot of angle brackets to go around.

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