Thanksgiving Recap

It's always good to take some time to break your normal routine.  This holiday was no exception for me.  I had a good time being lazy for a few days. 

For Thanksgiving, the family came to our house as we've done for the past several years. We fixed way too much food and I ate way too much.  I smoked a turkey this year which was better than last year's fried turkey.  It takes about 25 minutes per pound to smoke a turkey in my smoker, but it tastes oh so good.  I injected the marinade like I did for the fried turkey and I think that dried it out a bit due to the punctures from the syringe.  I couldn't even tell any taste difference because the smoke taste is so overpowering.

Saturday, some friends came over with their Xbox and Rock Band in tow.  That game freaking rules with 4 people playing.  I think the drums are the most fun to play even though I have no rhythm.  Since the girls were being sissies, Brandon and I shared singing duties.  I have a feeling that I am tone deaf also, but that didn't stop me from belting out some tunes.  Kudos to Harmonix for making an awesome game.  I think the Thanksgiving after party was better than Thanksgiving. 

Sadly, tomorrow resumes life as usual.  I feel revived and ready to resume life as a super ninja coding monkey.

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