Masked Input Plugin 1.1.1

Ugh, so apparently $.each doesn't play nice with IE and strings. I accidentally introduced a bug that prevented the plugin from working in IE at all. It's now fixed and the changes are up on the site.

Please go to the Masked Input Plugin page to get the latest version.

  • Arthur


  • Diego Algorta Casamayou

    I’m trying to use your plugin version 1.1.1, but have an error.

    I’m using this:

    $(“#user_user_submitted_phone_number”).mask(“(999) 999-9999″);

    and this:

    Tha mask works perfectly while typing in it. But it erases the content right after I leave the input box.

    So I’ve been debugging with firebug, and the problem is the if condition in line number 213, in the checkVal() function. The value in the s variable seems to be perfect, but the RegEx in re seems to be wrong: /^\([0-9]\)\\-$/

    Any idea why this works on your demo, but doesn’t in my app?

    Thank you.

  • Paul

    I don’t suppose you’re considering implementing an “optional” flag somehow? For example, a mask string that would support “$1.99″ as well as “$111.99″? Currently my users have to input “001.99” to satisfy the mask.

  • Victor

    i too am experiencing the bug described by Diego Algorta Casamayou.

  • josh

    Diego’s problem ended up that he was using an old version of jQuery. Upgrading to 1.1.4 fixed his problem.

  • finrik

    I do:


    and later in this code:

    $(“#field”).bind(“change”, function() {



    But with the Masked Input Plugin it wouldn’t work? Have you an little clue for me? 😉

  • Pedro

    Where is the download for Masked Plugin 1.1.4?