Technology is Great

I just wanted to take a second to talk about a few tech things I've signed up for and how they have affected my life.  This may be old news to some of you, but since I'm a late adopter, it's news to me. 

  • TiVo - We got this a couple of years ago.  It allows me to record all kinds of television and watch it when I want to.  Also, it allows me to blow past the commercials.  It's networked with my PCs and allows me to share music, pictures and video with them. 
  • Roomba - I was skeptical on this one, but after I saw this at a friends house, we had one shortly thereafter.  It vacuums the house while we are gone during the day.  I come home and empty the dirt it picked up.  The dog hates it, but that's another story.
  • iPod - I just recently bought a 30G video iPod.  This little gizmo has enhanced my 10 hours/week of commute time significantly.  Also, I now have tunes when I'm running.  It's way easier to run with music!
  • Netflix - We also just got this.  Movies magically come to my mailbox.  I watch them and put them back.  Three days later another movie comes.  We did the 2-at-a-time for $14.95.  If you rent movies at all, this is well worth it.  No more driving to the video store just to find out that they are sold out of the movie you want.

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