Commuting Sucks

I drive 32 miles to work one way which takes me approximately 45m - 1h 15m depending on road conditions, construction, etc.  Now I know that people drive longer distances or have commutes that take longer.  To those that do, I must say that you are insane. 

At first I didn't really mind the drive.  It gave me time.  I had time to explore the deep innards of who I really am.  It gave me time to cool off when I was upset and time to think intricate problems through.  It gave me approximately 2 hours per day of time.  That's 10 hours per week or 480 hours per year (discounting holidays,vacation, etc).  For those of your that care, that's 20 freaking days out of the year I spend sitting my ass in the car.  After driving this same route for 2.5 years, I'm out of things to think about. 

With all of this seat time, I get to witness strange things.  I've also grown to loathe certain attributes of some of my fellow commuters.  So, consider this my introduction to a series of posts I'd like to title "Rules of the Road".

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